''Roads and parks and all those types of things, that's where we need to focus." - Councillor Charlie Clark

Some Saskatoon city councillors are speaking out against a shift in the tax ratio, ahead of a vote that’s expected to happen at a meeting tonight.

Administration is recommending the ratio between commercial and residential properties be shifted. That means businesses would be paying less money and home property taxes could rise.

City administration says the decision is based on a decision in 1998 to help make Saskatoon more business friendly.

Right now, commercial properties pay $1.75 for every dollar that residential properties bring in. If the changes are brought in, businesses would pay $1.43 for every dollar generated.

One councillor is speaking out against the idea. Charlie Clark said that if the city wants to boost business, it should focus on infrastructure.

"So that we can attract talented people to come and live here and become part of the economy."

In fact, Clark said, not one business owner in the city has approached him to complain about the tax ratio for commercial properties. However, he said, many businesses have been speaking out the city’s need to catch up with projects that make a city more liveable.

"Having good roads and parks and all those types of things, that's where we need to focus our attention."

Clark is not alone in his opposition to the plan. Two other councillors contacted by CBC News have also said they will vote no.