The RM of Corman Park is pumping water into its own Public Works yard to save houses threatened by spring run-off.

The rural municipality surrounds much of Saskatoon. And, like many communities around the province, it's scrambling to deal with water threatening properties and businesses.

One area hard hit is in north Corman Park, just off Highway #684. Water in the fields and ditches is now flowing into residents’ yards. So the RM is diverting it onto its own property.

"It was kind of a choice we made between some homes in the area, or allowing that water to go into our public works yards," said administrator Adam Tittemore.

Shannon Zook lives right across from the public works yards.


Shannon Zook says her yard started flooding last week. ((Dan Zakreski/CBC))

"I guess in the last week it really became quite obvious," she said.

"We need canoes to get around our yard." 

Zook says they've avoided serious damage. Their yard is flooded, but they've only had small amounts of water leak into their basement.