Dozens of roads are closed and many homes are threatened by rising water in the Rural Municipality of Corman Park.

The Osler area is one of the hardest hit in the RM that surrounds much of Saskatoon.

Corman Park's public works crews will be out cutting roads to make sure several homes don't flood. The goal is to allow water to move from one side of the road to the other to help prevent flooding.

Kevin Boldt, owner of Pineview Farms, said he is unhappy the road to his farm will be cut because it limits access to his property. He said needs to receive shipments of feed and supplies for his animals. He also has meat that needs to be shipped from his farm.

Paul Happ's acreage, west of Saskatoon, is almost an island and he must drive through a small lake to reach his house.

"This never happened here," Happ said of the localized flooding, due to record snow. "I've got a lot of neighbours who were born and raised here, they're in their seventies, and they said this never happened [before]


One of the issues identified by some is that fields in the area have become waterlogged over the past few years and have never dried out.

People said there does not appear to be any place for snow melt to drain.