The quality of Saskatoon's drinking water is in question after monitoring reports from 2012 suggest that contaminated water from the Saskatoon landfill has reached the South Saskatchewan River.

But the provincial environment minister says he's not concerned.

Groundwater monitoring reports conducted in 2012 say it's likely that leachate, or contaminated groundwater east of the landfill, has made it into the river. The reports were obtained by the provincial NDP through an access to information request.

Opposition NDP MLA Kathy Sproule raised the issue in Question Period on Wednesday. Sproule said she was concerned the leakage had contaminated Saskatoon's drinking water.

However, Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff says testing shows there is nothing wrong.

"The quality of the water today, both potable and aquatic, is in compliance with provincial standards," said Cheveldayoff Wednesday. "So, we can't detect anything that's above those compliance levels."

The City of Saskatoon has been working to contain water from the landfill by building interceptor wells.

Wells have already been installed north and south of the landfill. 

The city is expected to finish a well east of the landfill, where the contamination has potentially reached the river, by next year.

Late yesterday, city officials confirmed contaminate may have reached the river.