Cold weather keeps Saskatoon crews busy on water main breaks

Crews were able to restore water to some locations Monday morning. The city attributes cold weather conditions to the numerous water main breaks they are dealing with.

The city blames cold weather for the water main breaks they are dealing with

The city of Saskatoon said it has all available staff working to repair water main breaks throughout the city, Monday morning.

Over the weekend crews were kept busy repairing multiple water main breaks.

...You don't do much cooking,- Hilda Wiebe

City workers are still trying to restore water service to 7th Street East, Tait Crescent, Philips Crescent and Louise Avenue. In all of those locations there is now a water trailer available nearby.

Hilda Wiebe lives in an apartment building on the corner of Louise Avenue and Main Street East. She has been without water since 8 a.m.. Sunday morning.

"Well, you use as little water as possible for everything, and you don't do much cooking," Wiebe said.

Hilda Wiebe fills up water pails in front of her apartment. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

Saskatoon crews say they are having trouble keeping up with the multiple repairs needed to water mains.

Typically, they try to have a water trailer available for people within 8 hours of the water being shut off. However, they acknowledge many people have been waiting for much longer over the last few days because of the significant number of water main breaks. 

Amy Briggs lives in an apartment off Tait Crescent in Saskatoon. Her water went out on Saturday night.

"I was trying to wash my hands and my hands were filled with soap and we had no water, so that wasn't fun," Briggs said. 

Amy Briggs is happy to have water back in her apartment, after living for two nights without it. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

The city said the breaks were due to extremely cold weather.