Closed Meewasin Trail section should open next month

Runners on Saskatoon's Meewasin Valley Trail will be in for a wait.

Lower trail section closed for at least a year

Runners on Saskatoon's Meewasin Valley Trail are in for a wait.

A section of trail in Cosmopolitan Park, near 11th Street, is closed due to riverbank rebuilding, and likely won't reopen until next month.

Right now, the city is working to shore up the slumping riverbank in the area, and it's too dangerous to let people onto the trail.

"There's always safety concerns when you're in an area directly linked to a construction site," said Meewasin Manager of Design and Development Alan Otterbein. "So, there is risk there for people using that trail."

Otterbein says contractors have done their best to block the area off with barricades, but that has proved challenging.

Often, people ignore those and find a way around and continue on. So, it has been an ongoing struggle to keep signage and barricades up. 

The MVA says a lower section of trail near the river will likely be closed until next year. That section has seen significant erosion, and the authority wants geotechnical engineering work done before anyone will be allowed to use it.