Clint McLaughlin (Saskatoon Police)

A Saskatoon man accused of kidnapping and beating his ex-fiance is staying in jail for now.

Clint McLaughlin is charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping and unlawful confinement in connection with the manhunt that began May 30.

That's when police say he abducted the young woman after she returned his engagement ring.

This triggered a Canada-wide alert and some 48 hours of terror for the young woman.

Police say she escaped McLaughlin after he collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration in the countryside east of the city. She made her way to a nearby highway and flagged down a motorist.

McLaughlin was arrested and charged hours later.

He appeared in court this morning by video. He returns June 18. His lawyer said there are no immediate plans for a bail hearing.

McLaughlin had a trial scheduled for June 16 on allegations that date back to January and involve a different set of assault and confinement charges.

His lawyer in that matter withdrew today. The June 16 trial has been cancelled.