The City of Saskatoon has long been concerned about the intersection where two men lost their lives Thursday afternoon, but they’ve been unable to act because the road is the provincial government’s responsibility.

'We are deeply saddened' - Angela Gardiner

However, that is about to change. Lights could be installed at Highway 16 and Marquis Drive soon.

Yesterday, two men died when two vehicles collided at the intersection.

Police said around noon a vehicle travelling eastbound on Highway 16 struck a vehicle that had entered the intersection travelling southbound on Marquis Drive.

Police said the two men were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

City working to bring traffic signals to deadly intersection

The city’s Director of Transportation, Angela Gardiner, released a statement on Thursday.  

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the fatal collision at the intersection of Highway 16 and Marquis Drive. The crossing at this location is in the jurisdiction of the Department of Highways and Infrastructure. Even so, the City has been in talks with the province because the City has been very concerned about safety at this intersection; the City of Saskatoon has not been able to install traffic signals because it is just outside city limits and does not have that authority.”

In fact, this week, the two levels of government agreed to allow the city to assume jurisdiction of the intersection.

The deal is not final, but lights could be installed at the intersection later this year.

Troy Davies, director of public affairs with MD Ambulance, said the problem with this intersection is speed.

"If at all you don't see a vehicle coming and you come across the intersection and you know you have any type of reduced visibility," Davies said. "The majority of them are tragic. We see major trauma or people losing their lives."

Davies, who is also a Ward 4 city councillor, said there needs to be traffic lights to slow people down.

"Saskatoon's growing right now and the old norm where the North Business District was 51st Street and now we're seeing up to 71st Street," Davies said. "It almost has to be treated like a city street."