City urged to raise rainbow flag during Olympics

Saskatoon group urges city to raise rainbow flag during Olympics.

Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal among other Canadian cities flying flag

A Saskatoon group is urging the city to fly the rainbow flag during the Sochi Olympics. (Mktp/Flickr)

A local advocacy group is urging the city to fly the rainbow flag during the Sochi Olympics.

In a letter posted on their website, the Avenue Community Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity is calling on the city to raise the "internationally recognized symbol of diversity and inclusion" during the Olympics, which kicked off Friday morning.

"We stand in solidarity with those who are directly impacted by the discriminatory practices of the Russian government and call upon the City of Saskatoon to join this world-wide effort," reads the letter, which was posted Friday.

It's not yet clear whether Saskatoon will fly the flag. But if the group's request is approved, Saskatoon would join a host of other Canadian cities that have raised the rainbow flag as a response to Russia's harsh anti-gay policies.

In Toronto, scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford has come out strongly against the rainbow flag that was hoisted at city hall this week, but it appears the flag will remain.

Other municipalities that have raised or plan to raise the flag include Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.