City suing AECOM Canada Ltd. over Rotary Park lift station

The city is suing the engineering company that designed the Rotary Park lift station.

People in neighbourhood complained of stench for years

Vacuuming the Rotary Park lift station. (CBC)

The City of Saskatoon is suing the company that engineered the problem-plagued Rotary Park lift station.

The station is supposed to collect raw sewage that flows in pipes from homes in Nutana and then smoothly move it along to the treatment plant. But, it's not doing that. 

Instead, the sewage pools in the basins at the base of the station. The city has contracted a private company to vacuum out the station every six to eight weeks.

People in the area have complained about the stench from the station for years.

“It smells like dead meat, it’s rotten, and I can taste it and smell it when I come out of my house,” said Beverly LaPlante, who lives in the area. 

The city had hired a consultant to figure out how to fix the station. It’s already spent more than $300,000 to keep the station running.

Last week, it filed a statement of claim at Court of Queen’s Bench against AECOM Canada Ltd., the engineering company that designed the station.

"This deficiency was identified earlier and we've been trying to get it repaired, and so now the next step is the issuing of this statement of claim," city solicitor Patricia Warwick said.

AECOM did not have a spokesperson available Monday.