If you were hoping to peddle down dedicated bike lanes in Saskatoon this summer, you're going to have to wait at least one year.

Saskatoon City Council is putting a dedicated bike lanes pilot project on hold.

Council decided to stall the project for at least year because of concerns over parking.

The plan had been to install the dedicated lanes for cyclists on Fourth Avenue and 24th Street. It received unanimous support from councillors and the mayor in January.

Dave Denny, who is with a downtown business group, said business owners raised concerns over the impact of lost parking spots.

"All we're saying is, 'Yes to bike lanes, but let's manage this," Denny said. "Let's find ways to mitigate the cost, the 105 parking spots, and make sure that we're not going to make it worse for cars."

Denny said the group is not against dedicated bike lanes, but it also wants a plan to replace the lost parking spots.

City to crack down on noisy motorcycles

If you have a motorcycle that rattles the neighbourhood, expect a ticket.

Police are now able to do decibel tests roadside and hand out fines starting at $100. A second offence will cost you at least $200 and a third offence will be no less than $400. 
The bylaw amendment doesn't apply to other vehicles because there's no acceptable roadside test for cars and trucks.

Police are being trained and fines likely won't be handed out until next year.