water main break 2013

Saskatoon crews work to repair a water main break in March, 2013. (CBC News)

The temperature might be warming up a little in Saskatoon these days but it may not slow down the water main breaks, according to City Hall.

City Hall recommends you have drinking water on hand. Enough for a 72-hour period. (3.8 litres)

The severe cold has pushed the frost as deep as the underground water pipes this winter.  Over the last couple of months, the city has had to deal with more than 100 water main breaks.

But on Thursday, City Hall warned there could be more.

The problem is that as the temperature rises, the frost level can move, shifting underground pipes and causing them to burst. 

Again, the city is warning people to be prepared. If you live in a neighbourhood that is susceptible to water main breaks you should have a supply of fresh drinking water on hand. In a news release, the city suggests you have a 72-hour supply.

A complete list of water main breaks can be found on the city's website.

City Hall said its goal is to have water main breaks repaired within 48 hours. The repair backlog, however, is slowly growing and some people could be without drinking water for as long as four days. 

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