saskatoon snow grader

Snow graders in Saskatoon have already been getting a workout this winter. (Jennifer Quesnel, CBC)

The City of Saskatoon's Public Works department wants to spend more money on residential street clearing this winter.

Right now, individual streets are only graded if there are deep ruts in the road.

Under the new plan, all residential streets would be cleared if a general snow pack of 15 centimetres is built up. The new system would budget for two full clearings for the entire city.

"There's been an outcry from citizens, and council has recognized that, as well as administration staff," says Pat Hyde, Director of Public Works. "We need more money put into the snow budget to address those concerns on residential streets and areas that are not on the priority street system."

Last year, heavy snowfalls led to very bumpy, rutted streets that took city crews days to clear.

The new plan will increase the city's snow clearing and sanding budget by 1.8 million dollars.

If the city's snow clearing budget isn't used up in one year, it's put into a reserve fund.

City council still needs to vote on the proposed increase. Budget discussions will take place the first week of December.