People living along a Saskatoon riverbank are once again being told by the City of Saskatoon to evacuate their homes.

Movement along the slope between 11th Street E. and Saskatchewan Crescent has been a problem since June 2012. 

Now, according to a letter sent from the city to homeowners, the slope has moved about 13 centimetres since May 30. It also says the ground is moving nearly four centimetres per day.

Slope Saskatoon

Ahmed El-Serafi, who lives on Saskatchewan Crescent, says these are new cracks behind his home. (Peter Mills/CBC)

Ahmed El-Serafi, who lives on Saskatchewan Crescent, said he isn't worried about his home because of a retaining wall. However, he wants to see something done about the problem.

"They (the city) have to find a solution because it is now two years and all of these people are suffering," El-Serafi said. "Not just taking measurements, measurements, measurements. We know that it is moving."

The city says there is now "a very real risk of property damage" and it is strongly recommending people evacuate their homes.

The affected area is private property, so the city is not on the hook for any damage.

Slope Saskatoon

The slope is moving nearly 4 cm per day. (Peter Mills/CBC)

"They should have tried to take precautions so this would not happen," El-Serafi said. "They allow many buildings on the edge of this slope and this is wrong."

Property owners have also been told to seek their own engineering advice.

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