People in Saskatoon seem to be sweating a little less, at least at the city’s seven indoor leisure centres.

Use at the leisure centres is down and the City of Saskatoon wants to find out why.

"We don't want to speculate at this time what the reasons may be for that and we are hoping to gain that clarity from this project," said Loretta Odorico, acting director of recreation and sport.

So City Hall will spend the next couple of weeks conducting a public opinion survey to find out why fewer people are going to the leisure centres. Fast Consulting will conduct a telephone survey and people can also offer their views online.

Data used to shape future policy

In short, the city wants to know how you play.

"We want to know what they're doing at out leisure centres and is that meeting their needs, or are there other things that we could be doing so that they have other opportunities for play?”

The City of Saskatoon will collect opinions on the centres until mid-March and will then use that data to shape future policy for recreation.