The city may beef up its noise bylaw to quiet loud vehicles. (CBC)

Saskatoon city council’s attempts to beef up a noise bylaw may solve more than one issue.

Council agreed this week to tweak a noise bylaw so police can ticket noisy vehicles.

“What we are looking at is bikes or vehicles that have been deliberately modified to make an incredibly loud noise,” said Councillor Randy Donauer.

In the case of motorcycles, police would be armed with decibel meters. Although, there is a sense among some city councillors that it is just a small number of riders causing headaches in the city.

Bylaw could quiet call for a roundabout on Spadina Avenue

But for Ward 5 Councillor Randy Donauer, a tougher noise bylaw may also solve a long standing problem that he’s been dealing with. It could quiet a scenic intersection on Spadina Crescent.

'What the residents want is that the noise is not excessive' - Councillor Randy Donauer

Donauer has been lobbying to lower the traffic noise at the intersection of Whiteswan Drive, Spadina Crescent and Pinehouse Drive. In fact, Donauer said the stop-and-start noise at the intersection was so loud, he wanted the stop signs removed and a traffic roundabout built.

The effort stalled, but a crackdown on loud vehicles could help.

“If it results in us having more moderate noise down in the park then they'll be thrilled. If it doesn't change things, then I suspect they are going to want us to come up with other solutions, and I think that's reasonable.”

Donauer said he still expects the city to conduct a sound level study at the intersection.

"What the residents want is that the noise is not excessive so that people in the park can enjoy their afternoon."

The changes to the city’s noise bylaw still have to be approved by council. That vote could happen just in time for motorcycle season.