Cineplex VIP theatres coming to Saskatoon

Downtown Saskatoon will soon be home to a licenced lounge and reserved seating for moviegoers ages 19 and up.

Theatres to include reserved seating, specialty appetizers and licenced lounges

A lounge at the Cineplex Odeon Varsity and VIP Cinemas in Toronto. (

Forget sneaking a flask in your girlfriend's purse. Moviegoers in Saskatoon can soon belly up to the bar before watching a feature film.

Cineplex announced today it would open Saskatchewan's first VIP theatres in downtown Saskatoon. Its seven VIP theatres in other provinces offer reserved seating, specialty appetizers, and in-theatre menu service until the film begins.

The province relaxed liquor laws for movie theatres earlier this month. At VIP Cinemas, patrons ages 19 and up may order alcoholic drinks at a lounge outside the theatre, or from their seat inside the theatre before the movie begins.

A ticket to 'Gatsby' this week at Cineplex's VIP Cinema in Edmonton costs $23.

Cineplex plans to build three new VIP auditoriums in Saskatoon, along with a lounge and an UltraAVX auditorium. The existing Galaxy Cinemas in downtown Saskatoon will remain open during construction. The VIP lounges should open in 2014, Cineplex said.

Cineplex said its UltraAVX theatres have ultra high definition wall-to-wall screens, high-back rocker seats and reserved seating. Regina's first one opens this week at Regina's Galaxy Cinemas.