A new Saskatoon-area development is banking on cider to draw tourists to the area.

Located five kilometres south of the city on Highway 219, the Village at Crossmount is a new development that includes housing, a health centre and an arts barn. Soon, the development will also contain a cidery.

The Crossmount Cider Company is ready to hold its grand opening next month. The company's owners have already planted 1,500 apple trees, specifically bred for Saskatchewan's hard winters.

'When we're crushing, it's fantastic ... You can put your cup out there, and it's just pure apple juice.'
- Les Morrison

"You see the rise of craft beers and distilleries, and cider fills that gap in between them," business manager Les Morrison said.

"It's a growing product with millennials and we're going to be making it."

Morrison said visitors will be able to tour the cider-making facility and watch apples be crushed and fermented. 

"When we're crushing, it's fantastic," said Morrison. "You can put your cup out there, and it's just pure apple juice."

The company has had to rely on imported B.C. apples for this year's batch of cider, but hopes to be fully functional by next year.

Right now, the company will be selling its cider on-site only, but it's already in discussions with local restaurants.

"Saskatoon has changed so much in the last while with new restaurants and chefs coming in," he said.

"You look at 20th Street, you look at Prairie Harvest Cafe — these kinds of places are really unique and catering to the market we're looking at."