The Third Avenue United Church in Saskatoon is for sale once again. (CBC)

Saskatoon's cherished Third Avenue United Church is back on the market.

The building is noted for its unique acoustic properties, historic architectural value and as a heritage property. However, it is also in need of substantial repairs.

The United Church has been using the church for decades but found it could not afford renovations.

The property is being offered for sale with a preference stated for a purchase by a community-based organization.

The United Church also hopes to be able to use the building for a variety of church-related functions.

One group that remains interested in acquiring the building is the Third Avenue Centre. That group hopes to save the building and make it into a concert hall.

The TAC had made a bid for the building that was turned down.

The organization's Mark Turner said Wednesday they hope to be successful with a new offer.

"Obviously there's been no guarantees ever made to us that we are the leading bid," Turner said. "We're working very hard to make ourselves kind of the most careful owners of the building for the future."

Turner said his group plans to ensure the heritage aspect of the building is preserved.

"[We'll] have tours of the building, have people get access to those historical components right away," he said.

Turner says the TAC has enough money in place that it should be able to make an offer for a direct purchase.

Its previous bid called for a lease to purchase arrangement.

Church elders want to be able to conclude a sale by the fall.