Chase suspect Timothy Gunn red-flagged in prison

Parole Board documents give a glimpse into Saskatoon chase suspect Timothy Gunn's troubled history at Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

Parole Board warned that Gunn a high risk to re-offend when released from prison

The chase left a trail of destruction. (CBC)

People who dealt with Timothy Gunn in prison had little doubt the 25-year-old would be back behind behind bars after his release, according to National Parole Board documents.

Gunn was given a five-year sentence for assault, breaking and entering and drug trafficking in 2009. At the time, he helped run a dial-a-dope operation for the Crazy Dragons street gang.

He was released after serving three years. This statutory release is mandated by law after an inmate has completed two-thirds of their sentence.

Kicked out of treatment programs 

The documents show that officials "felt that in the absence of programming you were a high risk to re-offend ... and a moderate risk to re-offend violently.

"You have taken no programming to address your risk for violence. You were suspended from the Aboriginal Multi-target program in July 2011 for disruptive and disrespectful behaviour."

Timothy Gunn (facebook)
The board observed that Gunn had a history of violence both inside and outside prison.

Gunn was placed in a gang unit inside Sask Pen when he was first jailed because of his gang affiliation.

You are an untreated violent offender.- National Parole Board

In prison, he was convicted of assault causing bodily harm after another inmate was attacked and punched 14 times and kicked more than 70 times.

In another incident, Gunn himself was stabbed.

Released with conditions

The Parole Board was concerned enough with Gunn's release that it imposed special conditions.

These included that he not use alcohol or drugs, or associate with anyone connected with his previous gang life style.

He was released in June, 2012. A month later, that was suspended when it was alleged he was dealing drugs. It was suspended again that September when he tested positive for alcohol.

But he remained in the community.

Gunn is now facing a raft of charges related to an hour-long chase in Saskatoon last week that left several cruisers damaged and police chief Clive Weighill shaking his head "at an individual who was determined to cause destruction."

He'll be back in court next week for a bail hearing.