Mounties have laid charges in the case of a feud between neighbours that led to the death of a St. Bernard dog in rural Saskatchewan.

The Krawchuks and Prices are next-door neighbours near Vonda, about 49 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon, and they don't get along.

On April 11, police were called when the Prices' eight-month-old dog was shot dead after running onto the Krawchuk property. Michael Price previously told CBC News that his 16-year-old daughter had tried to retrieve the dog.

Price said he grabbed his neighbour  Eugene Krawchuk by the neck and dragged him over to the dog that had been shot and told him to say sorry.

Court dates set

Eugene is charged with possession of a firearm without being a holder of a license, wilfully and without lawful excuse killing a dog kept for a lawful purpose, use a firearm in a careless manner and destroy a dog other than in the prescribed manner. Laurie Krawchuk is charged with possession of a firearm without being the holder of a license. Price is charged with assault against Eugene.

Prior to this incident, police were called several times over allegations of suspicious and threatening activity, but no charges were laid.

Saskatoon Provincial Court dates have been set. Price will appear in court on Aug. 20. Eugene and Laurie will appear in court on Aug. 21.