Changes are coming to Saskatoon Transit. (CBC )

Big changes take effect soon for public transit riders in Saskatoon.

"It will take people a few days to get into the idea of the route changes a little bit. But I think all in all people will find that the route adjustments we've made will serve their purposes a little bit better," said Director of Saskatoon Transit Bob Howe.

Transit has been busy gathering feedback from customers, and Howe said they’ve tried to incorporate those views into the changes they’ve made.  

"People want more direct routes, in some areas more frequency, some places decreased travel time so we've tried to address all of these in one big package."

Watch for Transit Ambassadors 

That big package rolls out on Sunday, June 29.

To help with the transition, Saskatoon Transit is posting information guides on all its buses, and Transit Ambassadors will pass them out to people along major routes and at bus terminals.

Also, riders will notice the bus stop signs changing. Crews will be posting the new route numbers over the next week or so. 

More information can be found here.