‚ÄčA video of a four-year-old Saskatchewan boy shaving his own head has gone viral.

Chanda Campbell wasn't sure what was happening when she heard her son Emmett Perrin giggling in the bathroom of their Arborfield home.

It turns out he was using his dad's electric razor to "comb" his hair, and was almost completely bald by the time his mother came in to check on him.

"It was pretty much past the point of no return," Campbell said, so she decided to let him finish, as he wasn't hurting himself. She also decided to take a video of Emmett.

"We thought we'd just enjoy a funny moment in our life," Campbell said.

Emmett was giggling and announced to the camera, "I'm combing my hair!" 

Campbell posted the video to Facebook on November 30, and as of Monday, the video has more than 3 million views. Campbell's father even sent the video to The Ellen Show.

"(Emmett's) quite the character. He's a very busy four year-old. He's usually quite the comedian most of the time. He's always got lots of funny one-line things that he says, and he's a pretty smart kid for his age," she said.

Emmett's father Clayton Perrin helped him finish up his haircut, though he did most of it on his own.