Snow screen 2

Taking the plywood form off this cinematic snow screen was a bit of a chore. (CBC/Kathy Fitzpatrick)

When you think of winter activities, cinema may not come to mind. But the folks at PAVED Arts in Saskatoon are out to change that.

Friday afternoon they uncased a snow screen at the Farmers' Market.

The screen was made in much the same way as the concrete foundation of a building. A hollow plywood form was built, and snow was packed inside it. After "curing" for 10  days, it was hoped the snow block would be solid enough to stand on its own, once the plywood was removed.

That task was a bit of a struggle because the screws holding together the plywood froze in the bitterly cold weather.

"A drill wasn't quite enough so we bare knuckled it, a little bit of brute strength and we were able to get the boards off," said Alex Rogalski, executive director of PAVED Arts. "Fortunately the shape held up. That's all we really cared about."

Experimenting with movies

Saturday evening after dark a series of short films will be screened.

Rogalski says there are good reasons why people would want to watch films in the minus 20 temperature that is forecast.

"I think it's the nature of, a little bit of being in Saskatoon and trying to make the most of winter," said Rogalski." And being at PAVED Arts we're always about experimenting with new ways of showing movies and making movies and all other media art forms."

The film screening is one of the activities in the week-long Wintershines Festival.  The festival ends Sunday.

What's showing on the snow screen:

3 Minute Miracle - Amalie Atkins  (Saskatoon based)
Monkey & Deer / 10 Point Game - Graeme Patterson 
Slow Down Molasses - Bodies - Andrei Feheregyhazi (Saskatoon based)
The Fox & the Chickadee - Evan DeRushie  (Ontario)
Country of Wolves - Neil Christopher (Nunavut)
The Long Wooden Tobogganist - Andrew Wall (Manitoba)