A 63-year-old man charged in connection with a fatal crash near Biggar made his first court appearance today.

The Biggar-area school bus driver has been charged in connection with the death of 40-year-old Monica Domes.

The Crown was not ready to proceed in the case. It was set over to September 3, when the defence will enter a plea. 

Domes was killed when the bus ran into her while she was parked on the side of the road in February.

Her two children were riding inside the bus at the time.

Domes' father, Gary Eaton, is a driving instructor for the trucking industry. He says he's angriest at the Sun West School Division.

He says the driver got into a serious accident with his bus less than a month before the fatal crash, rolling the bus after hitting an icy patch. The accident was confirmed to CBC by an RM Councillor in February..

Eaton says the driver should have been at least closely examined and given extra training before he was allowed back on the road.

"I would be far more interested in why this guy was still driving a bus after he put the bus in the ditch once on an icy road, hit an icy patch on the road that he knew was there and rolled the bus," he said.

Eaton says the accident was devastating to the family.

"It's not good, obviously," he said. "This is not going to be over in four months, it's not going to be over in four years. My thing is, my daughter's gone, nothing's going to bring her back."

Eaton says the family is considering legal action against the school division.