Bad news has arrived for more than 400 workers at Saskatoon's Case New Holland Industrial manufacturing plant.

The company says "poor market conditions" have led to 413 layoffs.

75 full time employees will be out of work indefinitely. In May, another 338 employees will be laid off temporarily, from May until August.

According to the company website, the Saskatoon Case New Holland plant employs 700 people. It calls the plant, "Saskatoon’s largest manufacturer and Canada’s largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment."

The operation includes a 780,000 square foot manufacturing facility, a research and development centre, and a parts depot.

This isn't the first time the factory has faced layoffs. In 2009, 300 indefinite layoff notices were issued at the plant. Back then, the factory employed more than 900 people at full capacity.

Case New Holland operates 62 plants worldwide.