The case of a man accused of killing a conservation officer in May has been adjourned.

Blaine Taypotat, who appeared in court today, allegedly hit Justin Knackstedt with his vehicle. Taypotat drove through a traffic stop on Highway 11 south of Saskatoon and ran over Knackstedt, killing him. Knackstedt was busy conducting traffic around another accident at the time.

The driver then rolled his vehicle outside of the city, where police arrested him.

Defence lawyer Donald Worme says the delay comes after crown prosecutors added a charge of manslaughter earlier this month. Taypotat was originally charged with drunk driving causing death, criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death.

Worme says he doesn't believe his client should be facing manslaughter charges.


Justin Knackstedt worked as a conservation officer. (Environment Ministry)

"There are a number of charges, the impaired causing death, for example," he said. "Why have that in the criminal code if there are these additional charges to be preferred in these types of instances?"

Taypotat is scheduled to be back in court September 24.