Firefighters in Saskatoon were again put in harm’s way, fighting a fire that appears to have been caused by a careless smoker.

Earlier this month, the fire department posted an urgent news release pointing out that improper disposal of smoking materials had been the core cause of 23 recent fires that caused more than $4 million dollars in damages.

This latest fire broke out early Monday evening in a garage in the 300 block between Avenue P and Avenue Q South.

Fear that someone was inside 

According to a news release, when fire crews arrived they found the garage ablaze, and they were told there may be someone inside.

Crews went to work putting the fire out and a quick search was done of the garage. Once the fire was out a more detailed search, in fact, confirmed there was no one inside.

No one was hurt in this fire.

But it did do about $5,000 damage to the garage and a shed next door.

Again, according to investigators, the fire was caused by improper disposal of smoking material.