Carbon monoxide forces evacuation of Jemini arenas

A gas-powered lift is to blame for high carbon monoxide levels that forced evacuation of the Jemini hockey arenas.

Young girl fainted and 150 people leave two arenas

Fire officials say high carbon monoxide levels forced 150 people out of the Jemini hockey arenas and sent a teenage girl to hospital Tuesday Night.

It happened just after 7 p.m. CST when a Saskenergy service technician working at the rink called 911 saying that there were high levels in the west arena and that a young girl had fainted.

Fire crews arrived and searched the building wearing breathing gear. They were also told that the girl had regained consciousness and had already been taken to hospital by her mother.

Crews found a range of carbon monoxide levels in the rink. Employees were checked and didn't need medical treatment, but the rink was closed as a precaution for the night.

The cause of the carbon monoxide was due to the use of gas-powered man lifts doing construction in one of the rinks.