Canadian Tire money has a new use in Saskatoon

The Dairy Queen on 22nd St. W. is accepting the retailer's money as a form of payment.

A Dairy Queen in the city now accepts the department store money as payment

It's true: the Dairy Queen on 22nd St. W. accepts Canadian Tire money (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

There's a new place to spend your Canadian Tire money savings in Saskatoon.

The sign outside of the Dairy Queen on 22nd St. W. may seem like a prank, but it's not. People can now exchange their Canadian Tire cash for a tasty frozen treat.

Store manager, Carla Knihnitski, displays the Canadian Tire cash that they've received so far (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

"We get asked if it's a joke every day," said store manager Carla Knihnitski. "They say, 'Is this real?' Taking pictures of it. It's been on Facebook. I've seen it even from my own family. They don't believe it."

Knihnitski said the most she's seen at once was when a customer walked in with $22 worth of the retailer's cash.

The promotion was initially an idea meant to bring in more customers during the slower seasons. The continued interested has fuelled it to kept it going.

The location has been getting calls every day about the validity of the promotion (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

"We've actually been asked if Canadian Tire has bought this Dairy Queen because we collect the money," laughed Knihnitski. 

"Every day, multiple times a day we get asked," she added.

She said when the store has enough collected, they use it to buy cleaning supplies and tools for the ice cream shop.

This is the only Dairy Queen location in the city that accepts Canadian Tire cash.


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