CBC Television's new competitive series is looking to call someone "Canada's Smartest Person".

The 32 selected contestants are a diverse group, but they have one thing in common — they aren't from Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon's Laura Buhler thinks the series is flawed because the entire country isn't represented.

"Finding the smartest person doesn't seem like they're using a very smart process if they're not covering all of the provinces," she said.

JoAnn Mosier believes brainiacs in Saskatchewan have something to offer the show.

"Saskatchewan's got talent! They should be putting someone from Saskatchewan on there. That's sad," she said.

The contestants are from different parts of Canada, but they also have different careers, hobbies, and skills.

Kiel Lemmen, 31, is a high school teacher from Port Coquitlam, B.C. Cat Jahnke, 33, is a musician from Winnipeg, Man. And Chris Tessaro, 51, is a firefighter from Mississauga, Ont.

Instead of testing IQ or knowledge of trivia, "Canada's Smartest Person" involves weekly challenges testing various types of intelligence. 

Each week four competitors will go head to head in front of a live studio audience. They will be tested in six categories, including logical, visual, linguistic, physical, musical and social areas. One will become a finalist each week until the series finale when eight finalists will battle it out for the title of "Canada's Smartest Person".

The series premieres on Sept. 28.