Canada Cup baseball tournament coming to Saskatoon

The Canada Cup will feature 200 of the top Midget (under 18) players from across Canada.

National tournament brings elite under-18 players together

Saskatoon is getting ready to host a major baseball tournament.

The Canada Cup will feature the top Midget (under 18) players from across Canada. All ten provinces each form a team comprised of its best players to compete in the event.

"We know the people in Saskatoon that are on the committee will do a good job," director general of Baseball Canada Jim Baba said.

"I think you're going to see a great level of competition," he said. "You'll see kids that will be drafted in the top five Major League Baseball rounds."

Many provinces train the team headed to the Canada Cup months before the competition.

"For example, in Saskatchewan, [the coach] puts the team together, he has winter training sessions, he goes down to Arizona with the team, he will do fall training sessions with them," he said. "So, it's not, three days before, we'll hit a couple of balls and go to the tournament. There's training involved, the experience is going on throughout the year."

Saskatoon will host the tournament for the next two years. This year, the Canada Cup will be held from August 6-11.