Budget turned a corner after unhappy car rental experience, says Moose Jaw customer

A Moose Jaw man who recently complained about an "unreal" customer experience with Budget Rent A Car says he's gone from feeling "sort of cheated" to "very happy."

Company offers to pay man's bill after his family gets stuck during family vacation

A Budget rental car used by Moose Jaw's Michael Weber and his family during a trip in B.C. was recently recovered in Surrey. (submitted)

A Moose Jaw man who recently complained about an "unreal" customer experience with Budget Rent A Car says he's gone from feeling "sort of cheated" to "very happy."

His change of heart comes after the company reached out to him this week and offered to pay the full cost of his renting a car for a family trip that went sour last week.

Michael Weber rented a Dodge Journey from Budget's Moose Jaw office but misplaced the car key while staying at a home in Surrey, B.C. The car was then stolen.

Weber had told CBC News that when he called Budget to request a replacement car, the company said it had none available, even though Weber's insurance plan covered him in a situation like that.

Weber says that since he told his story, a Budget representative from Calgary reached out to him to apologize and to "make things good."

"She felt bad for our situation and felt like something needed to be done," said Weber.

Budget has offered to pay the tab for Weber's car rental.

"She said she just felt for us in our situation and she recognized that a key was lost or forgotten but at the same time she still felt for our situation and wanted to make things good."

While the Budget representative could not be reached for comment, Weber says the company has promised to waive the approximately $500 rental fee.

"I'm just very happy and I feel humble about the whole situation in general," he said. "It's nice to see that companies will be accountable when mistakes are made. I have no problems, I have no gripes whatsoever."

Bonus: car found undamaged

In other good news, the Dodge was found — "no damage or anything," said Weber — though it was messy and had been smoked in.

It had some extra kilometres on it, too.

Cst. Ian MacDonald, a public information officer with the Abbotsford Police Department, said the Dodge was recovered by police early Tuesday morning — 11 days after it went missing in Surrey.

According to MacDonald, the car was spotted by an unmarked police car in a rural, generally quiet area of Abbotsford, which is 43 kilometres east of Surrey.

Police officers ran the car's plates after attempting a traffic stop in the wee Tuesday morning hours and found the car was stolen.

The car took off but was eventually found parked on a driveway, tucked behind a large van, while the male driver and female passenger — both in their 20s and from Abbotsford — hid inside a nearby trailer.

Both have been charged with possession of stolen property, break and enter, and unlawfully being in a dwelling house.


  • A previous version of this story's headline said the vehicle was found in Surrey. In fact, the vehicle was found in Abbotsford.
    Aug 11, 2017 11:17 AM CT