If it seems like Saskatoon has been in the icebox all winter, there's a good reason, according to Environment Canada.

According to David Phillips, senior climatologist with the weather agency, Saskatchewan's biggest city has seen many more days of deep freeze this winter than is usual.

Cold frigid outdoors Saskatoon

As temperatures dipped to below -30 C with the wind chill, some people bundled up, while others decided not to. (CBC)

In fact, if forecasts hold true, Saskatoon will end up with 31 days below -30 C since November, compared to the normal, which is 13 days below -30.

"If you look at November, December, January, February — the coldest in 15 winters," Phillips told CBC News.

"It really has been a tough round."

It's not just Saskatoon, either. Record-setting cold temperatures for Feb. 25 were set Tuesday morning in Elbow (-31.9), Swift Current (-30.6) and Weyburn (-31.6).

Meanwhile, the mercury this morning dipped below -32 in both Regina and Saskatoon.

According to CBC Saskatchewan weather specialist Farah Singh, another round of extreme wind chill values has developed over the Prairies.

Wind chill warnings were issued around Saskatchewan early in the morning, although later in the day they ended in the south when temperatures creeped up a bit.

Phillips said people shouldn't give up hope as this bitter cold should break in about two weeks.

The winter may be more intense but perhaps will not last as long as other years, he said.

Meanwhile, people seem to be taking it in stride.

Ian Farquhar said it's all about dressing for the cold, and mind over matter.

"I mean your extremities might get cold but you just got to think warm.  And you know how much power you have by knowing how to use your mind. If you think warm you're going to get through it," he said.

Others said they keep exercising, travel to warm places, and eat chocolate.