It may now be easier to talk your spouse into seeing an indie film.

The Broadway Theatre is taking full advantage of the changes to the liquor rules by Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming last year. The theatre will be opening their bar during screenings.

Broadway Theatre

The Broadway Theatre will begin bar service at late movies starting this Friday. (Broadway Theatre)

"Before, liquor and film could not mix." said Kirby Wirchenko, executive director for the Broadway Theatre.

As of Friday, late night shows will offer gin and vodka, as well as wine and beer.

The Broadway Theatre is the first movie theatre in the province to expand it's beverage offerings.

Wirchenko said the theatre is doing this to keep up with the times, not make money.

"If you buy a five dollar Pepsi from me, I make better money than I do on a $6 beer," he said. "However, if as a customer, you really want that to be a part of your night, I don't want to stop you."