Brittney Gargol's friend says 'It could happen to anybody'

Atasha Storey was one of last people to see Brittney Gargol alive. Now, she is speaking about the homicide and how she hopes to help the family.

Atasha Storey says teen was hardworking, happy

Atasha Storey was one of last people to see Brittney Gargol alive. 1:02
Brittney Gargol. (Facebook)

Atasha Storey was one of the last people to see Brittney Gargol alive.

Storey gave the 18-year-old some money for gas, less than 24 hours before she died.

"I gave her the money and she said thank-you and then I was like 'so what are your plans?'" Storey said.

Storey explained that the teen told her she was going for a cruise with her friend, who was pregnant, and was considering going to a party later that evening.

"I said, 'alright girl, I'll see you soon,' and gave her a smile and that was the last time I saw her."

The next morning a passerby found Gargol, badly injured, on the outskirts of Saskatoon, near Valley Road. She died shortly after in hospital.

Storey, 32, said Gargol lived a couple blocks away from her, with her grandmother. The pair became friends while working at a store in the area. After both moved on to other jobs, they remained friends and Storey said Gargol would often come to her for advice.

Storey said Gargol had gone through some rough patches. She encouraged the teen to go back to school and pursue her dreams.

"She wanted to get into business for herself...she had plans. That's why she went back to school to get her Grade 12. She wanted something," said Storey.

'This city has become a thug town'

Saskatoon Police released this photo when they were trying to identify Gargol. (Saskatoon Police)

Storey said she knew something was wrong as soon as police gave her a call the day after. She had feared the worst when she saw the photos officers released while seeking Gargol's identity.

"I'm not a detective or anything but just seeing the photos of her hood and jacket and her watch right there told me she was struggling," she said. "There's blood on the hood and her watch is broken. It just shows that somebody did this to her."

Storey said she is helping raise money for Gargol's family to help pay for the funeral. She says her friend's death is hard to accept.

"Look at the facts, accept what happened and really hope for the best," Storey said. "The best outcome for the family and friends and just knowing that she is not suffering anymore and probably in a better place is a good thing. She is probably in a better place than what this world is today."

"It's scary out there. Can't even go over to a house party, can't go anywhere without something happening. Especially in this city. In my eyes, this city has become a thug town. You have to be very careful about what you do and where you go ... you really need to be careful out there. This could be anybody," Storey said.

Police investigators with the Major Crimes unit are currently attempting to identify persons of interest in connection with the woman's death.  

A police press release said an autopsy has been conducted, but the results would not be released at this time.  

Saskatoon Police are asking anyone with information to call 306-975-8300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.