The Union Jack was flying high in Saskatoon Sunday when 87 cars from across the pond were displayed at the Brits by the Bess car show. 

Run by the Saskatchewan British Car Club, the showcase — at the Delta Bessborough hotel — attracts enthusiasts from across the province who display classic imports such as MGBs, Jaguars and Triumphs.

Founding member Alvin Mitchell said older British cars might not have been the fastest, but they "had a spirit to them". 

"They maybe couldn't go the fastest in a straight line, but they could maybe go the fastest around the block, kind of thing, because they would handle so well," he said. 

"Also; they look damn cool. There's just no other way of putting it," Mitchell added.

Brits by the Bess flag

Union Jack flags adorned some of the cars at the downtown display. (Alicia Bridges/CBC News)

The club started 18 years ago and its membership has grown to 128, making it one of the largest in the province. 

Mitchell remembers the club's first meeting, when its mandate was still being fine-tuned. 

The members had been considering creating a club dedicated to European sports cars, but a member who arrived with a four-door sedan — a Zephyr — sealed the club's future. 

Brits by the Bess Alvin Mitchell

Alvin Mitchell is a founding member of the Saskatchewan British Car Club. (Alicia Bridges/CBC News)

"We went 'No, we can't call it a sports car club', we had to call it the British Car Club, which was wonderful," said Mitchell. "Otherwise there's a number of cars here that are not sports cars per se and that allowed us to expand it."

The showcase was the 17th of its kind. The club also recently launched a Regina chapter. 

Brits by the Bess overall pic

More than 80 British cars were parked on 21st Street E. for the showcase. (Alicia Bridges/CBC News)