Forget the French horn leave the trumpet at the door, this is one music concert where instruments are not required!

The worlds of music and computers collide with the iPad and Tablet Orchestra.

The Creative Technologies program at the University of Regina has created a new musical app that students will demonstrate and then perform.

It's all happening at the ShuBox Theatre on the University of Regina campus Sunday night.

A New Rivet

To every group there is a season and it's the same for Rosie and the Riveters. 

The quartet specializes in sounds of the 1940's and has charmed crowds all over the province. 

Rosie & The Riveters

There's a new member joining this trio, meet her this weekend. (Rosie & The Riveters)

Rosie and the Riveters has a new mini tour this weekend to introduce it's newest member Allyson Reigh.

You can take in all the gospel, choreography and harmony at a couple shows.

The shows are Friday and Saturday at The Happy Nun in Forget, Sask.

And then the gals head on to Regina for a Sunday show at the Artful Dodger.

Holiday Ball

Get ready to trip the light fantastic.

The Regina Ballroom Dancing Club and the Regina Jazz Society are holding the Silver Bells Ball.

There will be cocktails, dinner and of course all kinds of dancing.

Don't worry if you're not a pro there will be a performance and then all guests will be invited out on the floor.

The music will be by the Bob Moyer Big Band bring your dancing shoes Saturday night at the Conexus Arts Centre.


Old Elephant, New Mission

It's a tradition that many families enjoy this time of year.

Children's performer Brenda Baker is once again staging 'The Old Elephant's' Christmas' with the help of her friends in the Saskatoon music community.

The show is the same interactive, fun filled performance but this year the show has special meaning.

There's no charge for this performance and in lieu of tickets donations will be collected for the Tori Slade Foundation.

Tori was Brenda's daughter who passed away in 2008.

The brand new fund is intended to help kids with intellectual disabilities take part in the arts.

It's a great cause and a great show happening at Grosvenor Park United Church Sunday afternoon.

Swinging from the Rafters

If you're a fan of physical comedy this show is for you.

The clowns are in town and ready to perform for you at Aga-Boom. 



This is a show with sensibilities much like Cirque Du Soleil.

It's been performed all over the world and now the clowning show is part of the Persephone Theatre Youth Series.

I realize I'm taking a bit of liberty with this one cause it's not ON the weekend but it's just too good to miss.

You have several chances to see the show Monday and Tuesday at the Broadway Theatre.

Boogaloo Bound

Not really sure that Boogaloo is an official word of the holidays but who cares when it sounds so fun.

The Saskatoon Salsa Dance Company is hosting it's annual Christmas Boogaloo Show and Fiesta this weekend.

The show is a performance of two of Saskatoon's top Latin dance groups.

Everything from bachata to break dancing will be performed and when the pros are done, there's a fiesta/dance party.

All the fun is happening Saturday. The performance is at Aden Bowman, the fiesta at Le Relais.

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