Brit's Picks 4 Kids: All access to the Children's Festival

Let our entertainment reporter Britainy Robinson pick a show that's perfect for your family at the Children's Festival

Britainy Robinson helps you find just the right show at the Children's Festival

Fun for all ages, parents too, at the PotashCorp Children's Festival in Saskatoon. (

Baby and toddler

Baby Talk - Sun./Mon./Tues.

An introduction to baby sign language for you and your little one.

You ever wonder if your baby is over tired or maybe just hungry? You say "I love you" all the time but wouldn't it be nice if they could say it back?

For the first time at the Children's Festival, families will get a chance to have an introductory session with My Smart Hands Saskatoon.

These lessons will incorporate music, dance and toys to help your children learn to express themselves.

People who've done these workshops say it reduces frustration for both parents and kids and builds self esteem.

Kindergarten to Grade 2

Sing-along Fun - Sun.-Wed.

It's music and mayhem at Will Stroet's rock concert for kids.

He rocks and rolls and even has a song about beans!

Will Stroet and His Backyard Band are regulars on CBC Kids as part of the Will's Jams series.

This is a high energy, bilingual show full of hand actions and chances to sing along.

Stroet has eight albums of original music and he's won several awards for his work.

He's featured in the See Saw tent all week.

Grade 2 to Grade 6

Comic Book Live - Mon.-Wed.

This show is for comic book kids and Trekkie parents. (

It's the magic of old-school radio and sci-fi comics all rolled into one big stage show.

The Intergalactic Nemesis is a trip through a graphic novel for children eight-years-old and up.

The story is told through live actors on stage and as they read, illustrations are projected on the movie screen behind them.

This show has been featured on Broadway and it's a huge get for this year's festival in Saskatoon.