Brett Wilson takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with mom in mind

With his dog at his side, former Dragons' Den panellist W. Brett Wilson dumped a small bucket of ice water over his head.

Wilson challenges The Trailer Park Boys

Former Dragons' Den panellist W. Brett Wilson takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (W. Brett Wilson/YouTube)

With his dog at his side, former Dragons' Den panellist W. Brett Wilson dumped a small bucket of ice water over his head.

Because he planned to donate up to $25,000 in the name of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Wilson said, in a way, he was buying himself out of a larger bucket of chilled water. However, after challenging The Trailer Park Boys, a pair of men dumped two large buckets of ice water over his head, soaking his dress shirt and bow tie. 

For Wilson, who grew up in North Battleford, Sask., the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge means more than making a fun video, posting it online, and donating some money. It raises awareness for a disease that touched him personally. His stepmother, Eunice, died of ALS. 

"We lost her a year ago, but she had a side that she could turn the air blue pretty quick, and she absolutely loved The Trailer Park Boys," Wilson told Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski. "So there was an embedded tribute to my stepmom in terms of The Trailer Park Boys stepping in."

Despite the criticism over the ice bucket challenge, Wilson thinks it is making a difference. 

"I have no concern this appears to be a one-time wonder because it's building awareness in a way that is unimaginable," he said.  

"Fundraising is often about writing a cheque and then walking away. Awareness raising is permanent." 

Wilson's video ended with information on how to make a donation and a photo of his stepmother.


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