Brett Fairbairn speaks on Robert Buckingham brouhaha at University of Saskatchewan

Brett Fairbairn gives his version of what happened around the firing of dean Robert Bucknhham.

Letter to university leaders gives his version of what happened

The University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon. (CBC)

One of the people at the centre of a University of Saskatchewan scandal is speaking out.

Brett Fairbairn wrote a letter to university leaders after he resigned as university provost in May. He stepped down after dean Robert Buckingham had been fired.

Buckingham had spoken out about changes at the U of S.

Fairbairn still doesn't believe that tenure affords blanket immunity.

"It's about the freedom to teach and the freedom to research and not about immunity to dismissal for any reason," he wrote.

Fairbairn said that the management group on campus wanted the Buckingham matter resolved quickly.

"I felt at the time that I was expected to act, and certainly the recommendation I received was that I had to act quickly," he wrote.

In the letter, Fairbairn said that he was told by university president Ilene Busch Vishniac that -- if he resigned -- at least one of them "could survive the crisis."

Busch-Vishniac herself was later fired.