An 18-year-old man from Saskatoon has been released from hospital after he was shot in the eye Sunday evening.

Brennan Schwab was walking home at about 6 p.m. CST on the 1600 block of Avenue B North. He was approached by a man he didn't know who pulled something out of his pocket. Two seconds later, there was a gunshot and he was down on the ground.

Friends of the family say Schwab didn't give up.

"He thought for a quick second, what should I do?" said family friend Jackie Giesbrecht. "Am I going to lay here and die, or should I get up and go?"

Schwab ran to a nearby house. When an ambulance took too long to arrive, people in the house picked the man up and drove him to St. Paul's Hospital.

Since the shooting, Schwab has been released from hospital. It's still not clear if he will lose his eye.

The motives for the shooting still aren't clear. The family says this is a completely random act.

Saskatoon police say they are still investigating the incident. 

brennan schwab

A photo of Brennan Schwab in hospital. (Jackie Giesbrecht)

"People think that it's gang related, people think that it's mistaken identity, people think that he's a bad kid and he did something to deserve it," said Giesbrecht. "We all know the real story."

 "Am I going to lay here and die, or should I get up and go?"

- Jackie Giesbrecht

Now, Giesbrecht has launched an online fundraising campaign to help the family until Schwab gets back on his feet.

"Nobody deserves this," she said. "He's a very good kid. I wouldn't help somebody who didn't deserve it.

For a link to the online fundraising campaign, click here.