Borden, Sask. struggles to keep floodwaters at bay

A state of emergency has been declared in Borden and at least two other Saskatchewan communities, as floodwaters rise.
A state of emergency has been declared in Borden as floodwaters rise. 0:30

Borden is one Saskatchewan community that's desperately struggling to keep floodwaters at bay.

The village is still under a state of emergency this morning.

Sandbag crews worked throughout the night and volunteers were back at it Tuesday morning.

Terry Tkaczyk, Borden's fire chief, said people who live on acreages are being told to leave their homes. He called the village "an island" this morning.

"All my boys were running on fumes at about 2 o'clock last night," Tkaczyk said. "We're just trying to save as much of this community as we can."

Tkaczyk said some residents had to be rescued from their homes by boat.

"I"ve never seen water move this fast," Tkaczyk said. "I thought we had lots of time yesterday, but within six to seven hours it's wiped out practially every road to the west of us."

Borden Mayor Dave Buckingham said the community is surrounded by flood water.

"There's still a lot more water to come so this is going to be a several day event," Buckingham said. "We have to stay focused and we need all the volunteers we can get to help us."

People in Borden will get some help in the form of giant pumps. The water levels around the village are expected to peak on Thursday.

Here's a selection of photos and tweets from the scene: