The CRTC says it won't entertain the idea of more commercial radio stations in Saskatoon for two years. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

Although Saskatoon might be booming, there's really no room for more radio stations, Canada's broadcast regulator says.

This week the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission released findings about Saskatoon's capacity to support new commercial radio stations.

Proponents of a new station say Saskatchewan's largest city is growing fast and the market could support at least one more.

CRTC report on Saskatoon commercial radio

A CRTC report released this week says Saskatoon is already well-served by its existing commercial radio stations. (CBC)

The CRTC said it agrees with the assessment that the local economy is performing well and the outlook is positive.

It's also true that total advertising revenue grew by $6 million between 2008, when the last new commercial Saskatoon station opened, and 2012, it said.

However, the federal agency believes the profit pie is already being sliced too many ways, with the Saskatoon radio market's aggregate profit before interest and taxes at a "relatively modest" 8.7 per cent.

That's well below the national average, it says.

Two companies opposed to more stations — Rawlco Radio Ltd. and Saskatoon Media Group — argued Saskatoon is already well-served by existing stations.

The commission said it agrees. It concluded its review by saying it will not generally be disposed to accept applications for new commercial radio stations in Saskatoon for at least two years.