Bill C-36: Do you think the sex trade should be legal or illegal?

The new prostitution bill was unveiled yesterday. Join the Saskatoon Morning live chat right now.
What do you think about Bill C-36? (Dan Riedlhuber/Reuters)

The new prostitution bill was unveiled yesterday. Bill C-36 proposes to keep prostitution legal in Canada but to make it illegal to pay for it or to advertise services.

The government says it would crack down on pimps and johns, while sex trade workers say it would criminalize prostitution and put them in jail. Those who oppose the bill say it's just a reworking of the laws that the Supreme Court of Canada ruled illegal six months ago. 

The bill would also make it illegal to sell sexual services in places where children could be present. It would criminalize advertising sexual services in print or online. It would also provide $20-million for programs to help sex workers out of prostitution. 

What do you think of the bill? Is it heading in the right or wrong direction? Is it just a reworking of the old law? Do you think it would keep sex workers safe?

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