Curious bear gets up close and personal with vacationer at Sask. cabin

When a bear surprised Liz Desrosiers on her deck, her hope was that it would just turn around, and walk back into the bush.

Cabin owner holds breath as bear sniffs her clothes, hair

A file photo of a black bear in Yukon. A black bear with little fear of humans recently got up close and personal with a cabin owner at Cowan Lake, near Big River in northern Saskatchewan. (Yukon government)

For Liz Desrosiers of Saskatoon it was a perfect day at the cabin on Cowan Lake, sitting on the back deck reading a good book on her e-reader and enjoying a glass of red wine.

But then an unwanted guest lumbered up onto the deck.   

"I didn't see it, didn't hear it, and didn't smell it," Desrosiers told CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

The "it" in this story was a bear. Desrosiers' instincts took over.

"Something inside me said freeze, so I just froze."

Liz Desrosiers says she let her instincts take over when a bear made its way up on deck and got a little too close for comfort. (CBC)

Her hope was that the bear would just turn around, and walk back into the bush. This bear, however, seemed to have a curiosity streak and little fear of people.

Please move on bear, just move on, just move on.- Liz Desrosiers 

"He circled the coffee table, came and sat beside me on the left hand side of my chair, kind of looked at me, started sniffing my pant leg, brought his head up, stuck his nose in the side of my hair, started sniffing the side of my hair and then all of a sudden to the corner of my mouth, butted the corner of my mouth a couple of times, gave a few sniffs."

"Please move on bear, just move on, just move on," she said she pleaded to herself, silently.

Desrosiers held her breath, worried the bear would smell  the red wine she had been enjoying. That seemed to throw the bear off a little, she said.  

"He just kind of backed up and looked at me a couple of seconds as if to say 'what are you?' and then turned around and headed down the stairs."

Bear may have made a previous visit 

It's not the first time a bear had visited the cabin. Desrosiers said that paw prints had shown up on the cabin windows, not long before the visit on the deck.

She said they've packed up the citronella candles, and have tidied up the recycling bin to try and dissuade future visits.   

Desrosiers's advice after this close encounter is to "listen to your instincts."

Since then, Desrosiers has tried to return to the deck and get back into that book, but lately the story on her e-reader just isn't as engrossing.

She said she's a little distracted, and on the lookout for bears.  

with files from CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning