It won't be long before Saskatchewan home buyers and sellers will be able to shop for a real estate agent based on a realtor's approval rating. 

Bill Madder

Bill Madder, CEO of the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors. (CBC)

The Association of Saskatchewan Realtors' board of directors agreed today to create a rate-a-realtor website, much like sites that currently exist for doctors or teachers.

Bill Madder, CEO of the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors, said the site will help its 1,700 agents improve their services while giving people the chance to research an agent based on past dealings. 

"It's an opportunity," Madder said, adding that the voluntary program for its members is a great chance for consumers to provide both positive and negative feedback on an agent's services. 

Gaining traction

Once a realtor makes a sale, they can send a survey to the buyer and seller, who then rank the realtor's services. 
The program being used is called The site is popular in the U.S. and is gaining traction in Canada, Madder said. 

Similar sites already exist for other industries, and the association wanted to take the lead. 

"(It was) going to happen anyway, and we felt it would be important that our association get out in front and maybe have a little control over how the system works."

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