Arson cause of Lighthouse shelter fire

Saskatoon fire crews responded to a fire downtown this morning at the Lighthouse.

Damage estimated at between $40,000 and $50,000

The Saskatoon Fire Department says that an early morning fire at The Lighthouse Supported Living was caused by arson.

A fire investigator has determined that the blaze that broke out in an apartment closet in the residence's older supported living wing was intentionally set.

Fire fighters had to break down the door to enter the room. The door had been blocked.

Residents forced from rooms

While all of the people in the shelter will have a place to stay tonight, nine men in emergency overflow beds will be moved to other areas in the building.

Water from sprinklers seeped through the ceiling, making large pools of water on the floor.

One resident of the lighthouse said she's a little ratted after the incident.

"Sleeping, middle of the night, alarms are going off, fire alarms, the emergencies in our rooms are going off, and smoke everywhere," said Carmen Schick.

Spokesperson DeeAnn Mercier says the event has been difficult for everyone involved.

"We're really lucky that no one was hurt, and we're really thankful for that, but the people we serve are already in such a crisis mode, this is just another thing added onto their plate and our plate," she said.

Battalion chief David Nahachewsky said smoke and water damage forced some residents from their rooms. 

"Most of the tenants from that portion of the building moved over to the newer section," said Nahachewsky. "The sprinkler system worked as it should and contained and put the fire out."

Smoke and water damage is estimated at between $40,000 and $50,000.

The man who allegedly started the fire has been brought in by police for psychiatric evaluation.