Steve Simonar, the armless Saskatoon man who was ticketed and fined for not wearing a seatbelt, has won a court challenge of his ticket.

A judge tossed out the case after the Crown prosecutor withdrew the ticket. 

"The best I think is yet to come or I hope it is," Simonar said. "I'm still expecting some kind of an apology from the officer if not Saskatoon city. We'll see what comes out of that."


Steve Simonar fought a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. (CBC)

Simonar now has an exemption to drive without a belt.

"It was never really about the ticket," he said. "If that's what they thought, they missed the whole point of the whole event. He just did the wrong thing."

Simonar, 55, is a double amputee, having lost both his arms in a boating accident almost 30 years ago.

He is a construction foreman and drives a specially equipped truck, using his feet to steer.

However, he can't buckle up or take off a seatbelt without assistance, so he goes without it.

Earlier this year, when Saskatoon police and RCMP were conducting a massive traffic blitz, hundreds of people were pulled over for speeding, seatbelt infractions and other violations.

Simonar was one of them and he was given a $175 ticket.

Approved to drive years ago

Shortly after he lost his arms, Simonar passed a driving test using his feet. Saskatchewan Government Insurance has approved all of his modified vehicles.

He also used to carry a doctor's note explaining the obvious: He can't put on a seatbelt. He said he was unaware that the note was no longer sufficient and that he needed to apply to SGI, Saskatchewan's licensing agency, for a medical exemption.