Arguments wrap at Randy O'Hagan's Saskatoon murder trial

Randy O'Hagan is now back in custody and awaiting a judge's verdict after his first-degree murder trial for allegedly killing a Saskatoon mother.

Victim's family silent, heads bowed, during closing arguments

Randy O'Hagan is led away in handcuffs after closing arguments end at his first-degree murder trial in Saskatoon. (Kathy Fitzpatrick\CBC)
Randy O'Hagan will have to wait another month, to hear his fate.

The man accused of shooting 33-year old Lorry Santos will remain behind bars until May 22, when Justice Ronald Mills hands down a verdict in the first degree murder trial.

Crown prosecutor Matt Miazga spent just over an hour making closing arguments in the case, emphasizing the killing's "planned and deliberate" nature.

"There was a plan," said Miazga. "It might not have been an elaborate plan or a good plan, but there was a plan."

Gang hit 

The Crown maintains O'Hagan was a member of the White Boy Posse, an Alberta-based gang bent on selling Oxycontin and cocaine in high-income cities. It's alleged O'Hagan was dispatched to Saskatoon to kill a man the gang wanted dead.

"You don't leave this organization freely or willingly," Miazga said

Miazga noted a grey Acura alleged to have been used as the getaway car was located with a receipt for a sledgehammer inside. Neighbours testified they saw the same Acura with tinted windows on Santos' street days before the killing. Evidence from firearms experts shows bullet casings from handguns throughout the victim's home and yard.
33-year old Lorry Santos was the mother of four children when she was shot and killed in 2012, as she answered the door at her home on Peterson Terrace. (Facebook)

Wrong address

In a series of text messages sent days before Santos died, O'Hagan appeared to have obtained an incorrect address for the intended target. 

O'Hagan texted his girlfriend at 2:43 a.m. the morning of September 12, 2012, saying "I want to f**king do this already."

The Crown alleges by just after 6 a.m., O'Hagan shot and killed Lorry Santos using a handgun, after she answered the front door at her Westview home.

"He believed he hit the person in the head or the chest," said Miazga. "Not only was this a homicide, not only was this a culpable homicide, this was a murder." 

Defence case brief

O'Hagan did not testify, nor did his defence lawyer, Ian Wagner, call any witnesses.

Wagner noted the morning Lorry Santos died, no independent witness has been able to corroborate whether O'Hagan was actually in Saskatoon.

In a brief submission, Wagner also argued the so-called 'hit' was not ordered by the leaders of the White Boy Posse. Rather, he said, it was "a personal thing" involving one gang member and the man who'd recently left.

"What would happen if you don't follow [his] orders was pretty clear," said Wagner. "You get beaten or you get killed."